GEMINI – The 3rd Sign of the Zodiac


Symbol: The twins. Symbolic of the dual-natured energy associated with the constellation Gemini, representative of the number two. Gemini is associated with having a “Jekyll and Hyde” nature because only they can say one thing but mean another and mean one thing but do another-like no one else can.

Gemini Symbol

House & Motto: “I think” therefore I am: knowledge. I think in terms of short distances such as local environments and the neighborhood. My mind is always traveling but usually for short distances at a time. I think, so I communicate. I think, so I project myself onto my early environment. I think, so I am natural mental abilities and intellectual capacities, which all come easy for me.

Since I am the THIRD house, I represent the child: nosey and curious, and because of this, everything I come in contact with sends my mental radar buzzing, which causes me to talk too much about what I think.

Element: Air (a gas) is unseen but felt. It is able to fill up any container that holds it, but needs to expand indefinitely. It is neither a: combustive, a solid, or a liquid. Alone, it is flexible, aggressive, dynamic, mental, idealistic, extroverted, communicative as well as mentally active. Air’s temperament seeks all that is accessible and needs to seek interaction with all environments. Its physical state is turbulent and causes disturbance through its movement. It is disorderly, unruly, boisterous, agitated, and tumultuous.

Air is responsive through intellect and mental processes.

Planet: MercuryMENTAL AND PHYSICAL DEXTERITY, OBJECTIVITY, COMMUNICATION, RATIONAL THOUGHT, LOGIC, REASON, SPEECH, LANGUAGE and LEARNING.-intelligence, mental activity, communication. Reveals short journeys, the urge to acquire knowledge and communicate it to others. Mercurial Gods share a dual nature: deceitful as well as friendly. Quick witted, fast talking, chatty, informative, volatile and energetic.

Excellent in debate or argument, anxious, spontaneous, outspoken, enigmatic, rational, clever, intelligent, inconsistent, meddlesome, a gossip, curious, persuasive, over conscientious, overly intellectual, dualistic, manipulative, forthright, lacks sense of purpose, rude, indiscriminate, uncontrolled nervous energy bringing about mental strain and stagnation, argumentative, slick, cynical.

Plight: “Masculine”: proactive and provoking, aggressive and active, electric, spontaneous and self-expressive.

Energy: Dynamic energy is direct, rather than waiting for things to come to it. It faces the world boldly and defiantly. It is dominant, aggressive, extroverted, assertive, and confrontational.

Quality: Optimistic, idealistic, positive and sanguine in nature, confident, footloose and fancy-free, light-hearted, cheerful, forward-looking, progressive, affirmative, cooperative, effective, impractical, constructive, useful, helpful, serviceable, applicable, beneficial, gainful, good, salutatory, contributory, hopeful.

Disposition: Typically, odd numbered signs are extroverts. They tend to focus their energies on things in and of the world outside themselves-they thrive on and require energy from it while they contribute to it. Extroverts like action and are usually verbally expressive and a very sociable people. They are most often vociferous, forward, and extrospective. They like parties and are open and easy to make friends. Extroverts much prefer to be active, active in that-they naturally prefer to experience the world by being active in it. They need excitement and love the hustle and bustle. They are risk-takers who tend to be impulsive-usually neglecting (or refusing) to plan ahead. They are quick to answer, easy-going and carefree with everyday matters in life. Extroverts prefer working in groups because they need to have people to talk to, and for that reason-they do not like to do any kind of concentrated efforts alone. They prefer a more unsystematic and spontaneous way of life.

Instinct: Objective (thinkers) are receptive to the object rather than the subject. They are not influenced by personal feelings and instead; think of the object while forming an opinion, as “thinking” is priority over feeling-to them.

They do not process subjective feeling with ease, therefore it is easy for them to think and deliberate rather than cope with emotion and feeling.

Gemini thinks intellectually.

Dark Side: restless, overly intellectual, wordy, unfocused, nervous, excitable, fickle, unable to control nervous energy, changeable, cunning and clever, two-faced, inquisitive, inconsistent, superficial, a gossip, unemotional, scatterbrained, easily influenced, indiscriminate, superficial, impatient, glib, shallow, double-talking, unreliable, self-deceptive, nosey, devious, flighty, secretive, far too flirtatious.

Light Side: versatile, exuberant, artistic, inspirational, authentically communicative, youthful and up-to-date outlook and appearance, trendy, talkative and amusing, spontaneous, adaptable, witty, logical, busy, lighthearted, cheerful, intelligent, adaptable, mentally alert, excitedly extroverted, quick perception, uses deductive reasoning, flexible, expressive, imaginative, interesting conversationalist.

Virtue: Adaptability & versatility

Vice: Very cunning

Nature: Communicative




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