For Future Reference: FUTURE SPEAKS…..Did He Cheat?


Although we at first thought rapper Future found that woman he had been “looking for with a flashlight” we learned this week that the lights burn out.

CIARA AND FUTURE HEADER OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEAfter a sweet and candid confession of about his methodology on securing singer: Ciara, no one could deny this was probably kismet.

Moet Rose Lounge Houston Hosted By CiaraFrom then, he turned the lights on every eye looking the 15-carat bling he put on her finger and proposed marriage to her on her birthday last October 2013–no one would have thought that almost a year and one baby boy later, Ciara and her Future would be gone so soon.

It was just last week that USWeekly reported the breakup of the couple and quoted Ciara as having said [in an earlier interview with them]:

I’m in a much more clairvoyant place in my life. Moms can be fresh, fly and young, and that’s the kind of mom I want to be. I’m very, very happy.”Later that day, by the time the story (of the breakup) hit the blogs, Ciara angrily took to her social media page and spewed at UsWeekly:

CIARA _PhotoCredit Robin Marchant_WireImage OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME

She later wrote:

Needless to say, UsWeekly defended themselves by posting the actual interview that Ciara did do (with them), where she did state: [quote] “I’m in a much more clairvoyant place in my life. Moms can be fresh, fly and young, and that’s the kind of mom I want to be. I’m very, very happy” [unquote] however, UsWeekly merely mentioned the quote in the blog where they wrote an article about Ciara having called off the engagement due to Future cheating [way back around the August 13 date that they posted the “Exclusive” article].

Although the quote was taken from a previous interview that Ciara did indeed do with UsWeekly, and UsWeekly applied the harmless quote/what was said to the context of the blog about Ciara calling the engagement off around August 13, as it turns out (in the very near future since that August 13 date); on August 21-some two weeks later-UsWeekly and Ciara broke even, anyways.

It was being reported that Ciara being in “a more clairvoyant place” worked well for her. Because she indeed learned that her fiancé-rapper, Future-had cheated on her with his stylist Tyrina Lee:

CIARA AND FUTURE HEADER OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 1Rumors had already surfacing that while Ciara was at home-pregnant-Future and invited his other baby’s mother with him while he was on his most recent tour [headlined by rapper Drake, and along with singer Miguel].

Whether that was true or no, since then and having given birth to their son: Future Zahir Wilburn, Ciara, 28, learned that rapper Future, 30, had a malfunction or two, or three, or four: [that] Tyrina Lee (the wardrobe consultant for his music videos and photo shoots and who too, was his personal shopper), bagged the rapper on more than one occasion. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the I’m Out singer.


FUTURE AND TRYINA LEE OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEShe found out about the affair through multiple sources in recent weeks,” said the insider.

There was clear evidence when she approached Future about the cheating. This was clearly not just a one-night thing.”












Obviously, this is devastating news for the Like a Boy singer, new mom, and future wife-to-be who had just told Brides magazine in an interview for its July 2014 issue: “I knew right away that he was different. Now he’s my best friend in the world, my partner.”

Back on the case, Us Weekly reported that since having come out-the rumors that Future destroyed his future with Ciara-they caught up with the handsome rapper on one of his social media pages where he’s pictured head down, his dreadlocks shielding his face—and most probably looking like a monster to all Ciara’s close friends and fans.

10598190_283616811846062_2102601610_nCurrently in-studio working on his upcoming album titled: “Monster,” the Honest rapper captioned the inconspicuous photo: “I Dnt respond to rumors I respond to money #MONSTER.”











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