FUTURE Considering Designer ZZEGNA -Makes It Clear He Upgraded Himself

Despite the runaway rumors floating around in the blogsphere where all it took was a social media post from a random social media fan account: words detailing a “sighting” to serve as “proof” that rapper Future had moved on, he recently posted a couple of pictures as proof of some kind-that you can piece together-so turn on the lights if looking for it:

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean Future’s fiancé and baby’s mother Ciara is in his past, he certainly had something to show + say-leaving it up to the eyes and ears of the beholder to decide what, if anything he meant by it.

Considering the fact it’s been assumed he shot back once already (at lyrics in Ciara’s new song I Bet), one would certainly assume he dropped this pic and caption in his dapper defense of the line lyrics where she says:

You actin’ like you upgrading me, I upgraded you

You and me Fashion Week at Paris, I put you on to that new




As well, he dropped another pic thanking and considering designer brand ZZegna as, they share his same views on fashion as he [does] :



Just this past Valentine’s Day weekend, Ciara posted a pic of herself with her Valentine’s Day boo: their baby Future-with whom she proudly shared it with.




In other news however, as sang about in her song-I bet there were no “ugly stares” at Ciara at Fashion Week this week as she took to the red carpet modeling a red dress for the #GoRed. I’m typically a one-woman show around these parts of this blog mag but one of our blog mag readers liked it less than five minutes of it being published! Ilooked up like: “Huh? Well alrighty then.”

Go red.

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