From One Charismatic Leo To Another: Former President BILL CLINTON Wishes President BARACK OBAMA Happy Birthday Today

No man’s “cool” unless he’s got proof of his rendition of James Dean.

Our President’s got proof. Check him out:

Don’t you try and tell me nothing about those Leo’s.

As you’ve read me post before: They can’t help but be who, and how they are at the core of themselves because Leo’s “star” is the Sun. (like the Moon=Cancer, Mercury=Gemini, Venus=Taurus and partially Libra—and so on and so forth).

The sun is the largest star in the universe who sits at the center of the celestial bodies with all 9 planets circling around it while the sun is providing all planets closet to it: heat, energy and life force.

Celestially, to symbolic to life and reality…that’s how Leo’s are birthed [to be].

That being said, Leo’s got that fire and they know what’s up with their selves and what effect that can have on the people and the world around them.

When they get their “superstar” on-no other superstar in the universe can match their superstar charisma and confidence as they take their place in the center of the world–whether it be the brazen Leo (with other Fire and Air placements in their moon and rising signs) or whether it be the more subtle Leo’s (with Water and Earth placements in their rising or moon signs).

The birthday guy a.k.a. our dear President Barack Obama, 54, just dropped one on us the other day during his speech before the African Union and confidently stated: “If I ran for third term, I could win.”

Although there isn’t a third term and we are not going to see our dear, charismatic President after next year, let’s send our Leo guy out with a bang in celebration of his last birthday he’ll be celebrating with us as our U.S President.

From one charismatic Leo to another, 42nd former president Bill Clinton wished 44th current president (and chum) Barack Obama all the best:

I LOVE these 2 guys’ friendship and often study their images. Their closeness oozes off still life.