From Eating Dog Food To Caging Babies-SERENA & Rapper WAKA FLOCKA: Is Life Boring After Fame, Money & Success?

it to go over as a joke), Waka locked a baby (reportedly, his niece) in a cage like one.



Waka watchesUnfortunately, neither antic went over too well across the rough terrain of social media. Waka suffering hardest (obviously) and’ll most likely get a call from child services end-week :/

Considering my abovementioned pre-success “to do” musts, Waka and Serena threw me all off.serena-williams

Because where success is relative and often equated with having money to most eyes of  [the] beholder, and one can be rich and not famous (and nowadays) famous without being rich; I thought the money part would cancel the attention-seeking part?

They BOTH got be scratching my head on this one.

Again y’all lets blame it on Mercury being Retrograde for another 3 days and pardon them both shall we?

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