From Eating Dog Food To Caging Babies-SERENA & Rapper WAKA FLOCKA: Is Life Boring After Fame, Money & Success?

Waka-Flocka-Flame-Instagram-CoverPeople tend to hang on to one thing when speaking about preparation for success and it always centers around it not coming to you until you “get your life right or in order.”

I tend to not subscribe to that wholeheartedly because (although I never-ever get into judging what somebody “deserves” or no) but we call can account for “success” having come to some of the most [relatively] horrible people over time whether or not we knew them personally or [of them] publicly.

That being the case, one inarguable thing is that (where monetary “success” is concerned), we MUST have our soul and spirit in tact because there are only so many places to go, people to see/court/fck, foods to eat, places to travel, things to wear—and things to do…And when you’ve “been there, done that” and have reached the highest of heights, what else is there?

Serena hittingRegardless who you are, what, or how much (or even little) you have, if wanderlust is gone; you’re basically soulless and dispirited. That’s why, rather than “preparing” for success [by subscribing to the usual rhetoric], tossing friends, foes, and things from our life shelves out, (I feel) we have to have our personal selves “right” to avoid depleting ourselves of wanderlust and delving into deviate and other socially unaccepted (or irresponsible) things (which are plentiful if our money can buy all we think we want next).

All that being said, never in a million years did I entertain the thought that being curious about “gourmet” dog food would make the list and especially—caging babies like one…out of…boredom or…attention or what?

Given this week’s antics gone viral-voluntarily put on display by our girl Serena Williams and our guy Waka Flock Flame; (one step ahead of the game and oncoming scorn she knew was coming) the high power Wilson-hitting beauty Serena already blocked upcoming scorn and let us know she knew this was coming.



Deb Antney’s curly lipped cutie Flocka however, got some s’plaining to do when, opposite Serena taking it upon herself to eat dog food; for a couple seconds (obviously meaning

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