From Country Through to Coachella: How Beyonce Made Headlines and History – Unapologetically

She might be a Texas gal [with a metaphoric ten-gallon hat] in star status but the fans of big hats and country wanted no part of the lone star.

Despite being out of her musical element, powerhouse superstar Beyonce’s proven that when it comes to this singing and performing thing-she can do anything.



Quite the culture shock it was, when a typically Tina Turner twisting, scantily clad dressed Beyonce stepped on stage glistening one 2016 night to perform at the Country Music Awards.

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Although accompanied by country music’s Dixie Chicks, Beyonce’s presence was quite the curious case but she survived it-despite the revolt.



Beyoncé’s CMA Awards Performance Becomes the Target of Backlash




America’s biggest night in sports got quite the surprise when the “Lemonade” pop star, band and dancers took over the field dressed in social activist pioneer Black Panther outfits-sparking American agitation.

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Beyonce gets political at Super Bowl, pays tribute to Black Lives Matter


About last night.


Beyonce made history and headlines yet again, with her unapologetic artistry. This time, with a 100 person band and dancers in tow, dressed in yellow and all members of HBCU’s, Beyonce made history as Coachella’s first black headliner-and as the party got started she didn’t mind making mention that fact that was surely remarked as was her show-stopping performance. And ultimately, that moment in time online was renamed Beychella-rightfully so.


Beyoncé makes history with Coachella performance


Tap in and see for yourself:



The New York Times – Review: Beyoncé Is Bigger Than Coachella

Author: Angela Sherice