Foul Play Suspected in BOBBI KRISTINA Case – All Eyes on ‘Husband’ NICK GORDON

Although it was believed that Bobbi Kristina and adopted brother Nick Gordon were married, days since the unfortunate incident involving her drowning, her dad (Bobby Brown)’s attorney reportedly informed the media that Bobbi Kristina and Nick were never actually/ legally / officially married .

Well, should this next bit of information be the case and foul play is indeed found, presumed hubby Nick Gordon is definitely in for a rude awakening…

BobbyKristina looking like WhitneyThere is reportedly an active criminal investigation underway in Georgia, with police looking into whether there was any foul play involving Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s boyfriend Nick Gordon that led to the 21-year-old being found face down in the bathtub and in need of serious medical attention last weekend.According to TMZ, police sources say Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s daughter had injuries that led them to begin a criminal investigation. The website cites sources claiming a history of violence between Bobbi Kristina and Gordon.

The website also reports that it’s been told that Gordon’s friend Max Lomas, who was allegedly the first to discover Bobbi Kristina in the bathtub, had been hanging out at the couple’s house the morning of the incident but hadn’t seen Bobbi Kristina around. When a cable guy showed up and needed access to the bedroom, Lomas was the one to help, and that was when he found Bobbi Kristina.

TMZ’s report says Lomas called for Gordon, who administered CPR. And then, Lomas reportedly claims, Gordon cleaned up the home and removed blood (cont’d)

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