Former MTV Teen Mom FARRAH ABRAHAM Receives Less Than Seasons Greetings for Her Holiday Photo She Posted on Social Media


Farrah_Abraham_She could have very well been putting a call or text in to thank Santa’s handlers for his hurrying down the chimney the other night-but former MTV Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham will always catch bricks over breaks going forward [while incessantly trying to move in that direction].

Although having gotten back at her haters via making a music video and fancying herself a business woman: doing, and having done all things “un-mom” like [let her haters tell it]; Farrah can’t seem to get the respect of [a business woman, or mom].

Despite having doing things the traditional “American” way: taking a Christmas photo with Santa (that too-included her daughter Sophia) :

“Merry Christmas!! From Sophia and I”

…”haters” are still cutting Abraham no slack and obviously haven’t forgiven her for surgically altering her looks,

farrah-abraham2 farrah-abraham3


…getting a boob job, having done a sex tape, having written a sex trilogy, and venturing into the sex-toy business.

Reportedly just this week, dressed in the traditional ugly Christmas sweater, and an elf hat-around a setting looking no less than Christmas-y; Farrah posted a pic of herself sitting in front of the trimmed tree (with her mom standing over her) and her daughter, Sophia, was in front—posing for the camera.


Although that seems harmless, there was one problem: Farrah was caught [texting?—or whatever she was doing] but the fact of the matter is: she had her phone in her hand and head down looking at it in the photo.

cue the horror music while wiggling all ten fingers and batting my lashes fast


Much to her hater’s chagrin, the moment received less than season’s greetings as, [the former Teen Mom] was blasted about

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