{For the Record} SHONDA RHIMES Cuts Rumors About COLUMBUS SHORT, Short


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In case you live under a rock and DON’T know what that’s about: Over the past few weeks, Columbus Short had been all over the news for domestic situations with his wife up to and including it being reported that

  • he got caught up in a bar room brawl
  • he filmed his wife beating up his sidechick
  • comedian D.L Hughley publicly apologized for disrespecting Columbus’ wife

images (1) …and all kinds of blog reports and madness about these ordeals that for us-(true or no) was just spinning way too much for us to write up (fan/rep pay submitted or selected)-it was just messy on a continuum.

At any rate.

images (4)  Again, whether the domestic reports are true or no, we at least got word from the head-honcho that blogs/reporters can write ’til our hearts are content with domestic situation but when it comes to his professional situation (and reports of his being RECAST) leave the writing up to she and her writers of Scandal please and thank you. Welp.

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