{For The Record} …MISSY ‘Misdemeanor’ Stands To Correct Us Regardling Her Recent Weight Loss


It’s like the late soul singer Teddy Pendergrass sang it:

Said not 70-30
Not 60-40
Talkin’ about a 50-50 love

..and for those of us bloggers genuinely excited about the love of, and possibility of Missy Elliott’s return to music, her new protégé (Sharaya J), and/or her big reveal (this past Thursday/Friday): the unveiling of her new body [thus eagerly citing] “having lost 70 pounds;” the music phenom wanted to make a correction:

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She originally lost 70 pounds back during the time of her “Under Construction” CD (by which one of my favorites off the CD is playing above the OSF big screen) 🙂

…Enjoy Rah Digga on it too:

LoL. You oughta hear me sing that (the version up top)..I love that song…*chuckles*


missy dress in mj t-shirt


So whether it’s 70-30, or 60-40, we’re talkin’ bout [a] 50-50 love—and so, it is corrected (and written).


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