{Footage} Did MEEK MILL Send His Goons To Interrupt NICKI MINAJ’s Ex SAFAREE’s Video Shoot?

Some of the most stankiest shish ever went down yesterday. And let me preface this before I say what I’m about to say.

Ok. Life goes on, people in relationships break up, things happen-I know that.

And while (by my observation) this Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj pairing is an odd pairing: you love who you love and can’t help that sometimes. I get that.Nick and Meek

I’m not sold on them as a “power couple” as yet but neither did I see Nicki and her ex Safaree as a “powercouple” either. Hell…I nearly learned she even had a serious boyfriend the same week the social media breakup and fiasco went down.

At any rate.

Over a month ago, I did a complete write up about Nicki [and her now] ex Safaree’s history-which has roots dated back to before Nicki Minaj (Onika Miraj) was “Nicki Minaj.”


And while it was obvious in the interview (that Safaree did with the radio show-as posted in the write-up), he has accepted Nicki moving on with Meek Mill and is in full concentration of trying to get his own rap career off the ground.

All has been quiet on the East Coast front while Safaree’s gone on with full fledge (in all his Instagram greatness) …stuntin’ and unbothered—that is, until he thought he was going to stunt in the hood and boroughs of Brooklyn trying to shoot a video.



The block sure was hot.

It was apparent rumored that Meek sent his goons out to put a stop to SBStunt’s plans on stunting on cam (for his video). That shish got folded real quick when (Meeks?) goons rolled up on him and made him haul ass.

While at a glance, by end story (and looking at the footage) that shish was funny-for only a second.

But actually (in the bigger scheme of things), it’s a stank move-not a boss move.

It is one thing for Nicki to like or love who she loves (someone not even on her career-success level at that). But to permit him to disrespect her ex with whom she has a humble beginnings history with is the grimiest shish ever. And as a man, considering the fact that he’s now with Nick, he should be too unbothered to tend to the little dealings of Safaree “stuntin’.’

Furthermore (if she knew about this or would even give way to letting her new dude THINK it’s okay to disrespect somebody she had over a decade history + business with), I’d be highly concerned about that woman who would allow me to (for starters).Meek Nick Saf

If this punkout was indeed done by Meek Mill’s instruction, it doesn’t make him look like a boss, it makes him look even further beneath the match up of Nicki’s romantic equal and makes Nicki look like a bird downgraded twice.

I hope Meek didn’t do this.

It’s just not “boss”–at all.

Unless that man (Safaree) did some grimey shish to Nicki that we don’t know about or stole money from her or something in which he deserves to get harassed when trying to move on, then so be it. But to just crap on another man trying to do his thing while having accepted ex his moving on is the lowest of the low.

Even Nicki’s “Barbs” were pissed:

Readers going in on Meek

In the greater scheme of things, where everybody in this industry is on Instagram flexin’ (and stuntin), if Meek Mill was at career level success equal too, or above Nicki’s, a move like such (even as mean as it was) would indeed go over as a “boss” move.

But considering Meek is not a Nicki’s career level success as yet, a move like such just makes him look stank and his woman look like a bird and them (as a couple) far from being seen as a “power couple.”

Come on Meek. That was not a power move.

Meek NickThe strange and odd irony is that hood dudes want to be adorned with class and respect but think it’s “live” to do “hood” shish (for show).

I don’t get that.

Go “hood” when you SHOULD not for SHOW.

Make up your mind how you want to be looked at and respected as, yo.

It’s like this: I’m not going to go as far as to say he’s a punk, but Safaree certainly aint a thug, or a goon himself.

A real thug and goon can look in his eyes and know that. I aint even WORTH it. Even he was a thug, I can even respect that move. But damn. I mean-check out his Instagram name. He even changed his name from “SBStunts” to IamSafaree (humbly).

He’s out here now without Nicki. That change is a meek (and humble) move, not a thug move.

And Safaree is no thug. Trying to punk a dude who’s not a thug is as grimey as it gets.

Real men respect other men. They don’t shatter their manhood undeservedly-for show.


P.s. Isn’t this the very SAME ghetto, grimey move and scenario that caused Nicki herself to lose a friend and colleague just last month right?



MEEK: Don’t claim this move!


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