FLOYD MAYWEATHER Assault & Battery Police Reports Leaked Just in Time for His Big PACQUIAO Fight This Weekend?

Earlier this month Floyd Mayweather was questioned about assaulting his baby’s mother Josie Harris as, Mayweather had previously been convicted and served 60 of 90 days jail time in 2012 for domestic violence in September 2010.


Just in time for his upcoming fight this weekend, a handwritten police report is making its way around where Floyd and Josie’s 10 year old son Koraun gave details about Floyd “kicking” and “hitting” his mom and was blocked from leaving the property by one of Mayweather’s associates.



All this was conveniently leaked just in time for Mayweather’s big fight against Pacquaio-scheduled to go down this weekend. Some sites are evening promoting the story saying “Don’t buy tickets to Mayweather’s fight until you see this police report.”



This isn’t the first time Mayweather is on paper for domestic abuse of the same woman (with whom he was with since she was 16 years old).

As mentioned earlier, in September 9, 2010 (to be exact) at 5:03 a.m. cops received a call from Harris claiming Mayweather attacked her and had checked herself in, then out of Southern Hills Hospital and woo, Mayweather could not be found to be interviewed regarding the report for which they needed to determine if an arrest should follow.

As far as that goes: Harris was supposed to have gone and filed a restraining order against Floyd later that day.



In 2003 Harris accused Floyd of punching and kicking her while riding inside a Bentley in Vegas. Although charged were filed, they were dismissed in 2005 after Harris testified that she lied to the officials because she was upset that Mayweather had left her for another woman.

It was reported however that he showed up to the house where Josie was living (that he owned) and delivered the beating as a result of his hearing she was dating NBA point guard C.J. Watson. (At the time, Mayweather was living with his own girlfriend in a different home).



According to an ear-witness report given to our TerMiteZ friends, around 5 a.m. that morning in 2003, he was awakened to hearing “a blood-curdling scream that sounded like someone was being murdered.”

The man reported that after which, he saw someone in front of the house and saw two cars speed off.

In a recent interview with Katie Couric Mayweather insisted the assault never happened and insisted that Josie lied:


Happier times 🙂


Hey, while I don’t condone domestic violence, it’s nice to see when successful types likes such have footprints of people who rode with them before the fame. Outside of what I do for my online mag/blog business, I don’t keep up with the sports dudes like that-so she and this (and she)  is new news to me. Hopefully, he gets counseling and they work/worked it out 🙂

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