Five Guys: Footage of 5 Guys Who Allegedly Rob KIM KARDASHIAN Made Public



Kim Kardashian may be getting quite the birthday gift today: 5 guys.

No, not “Five Guys” burger but rather—5 burglars…the 5 guys who made off with 5.6 millions of dollars worth of her sparkly shiny

A tape has been released depicting the men caught on tape around the area and seen leaving the scene…of the crime.

This could very well be vindication for Kardashian considering her social media shenanigans and love for cameras following her missed the mark and did not provide her some kind of real proof for her fans.



All things surrounding her life out loud considered, satirical skeptics pretty much felt Kim should have produced some footage or a selfie of the robbery scene at bare minimum.

kim-kardashian-karl-lagerfeldReportedly Kardashian has been laying low and staying out of the spotlight and is said to still be a bit shook up after this ordeal. It’s said she is not in the mood for resuming her social media shenanigans just yet, possibly never again.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld stated publicly that Kim Kardashian should know that you can’t be out here flaunting riches like such and expect that onlookers aren’t going to want to share that with you.

Well “sharing” was hardly what these alleged robbers wanted, they wanted to be like the title of her 448 selfie book called “Selfish.”

Their plan worked and they took it all.

Luckily Kim’s two children weren’t with her on that October 3 day at 2:19 a.m. in her swanky Paris hotel where she

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