Fashion Is Communication – Why KTLA’s LIBERTE CHAN’s Dress Was Too Hot For TV


convention and conformity, still, (where fashion is concerned) there is a time and a place for fashion. And like I said, ‘fashion’ should communicate something. But the place she wore her fashion communicated something way much bigger than the sole reason why she was there.

That said, it’s not what you wear (wherever you’re wearing it); it’s what it communicates x (times) why you’re there.

Don’t get what I said here (right by the gold star) twisted. Neg x neg, too, is “fashion” nonetheless, but not so “fashionable” where one should be “professional.”

What Liberte wore was distracting from her job of communicating the news to the world-because her (neg x neg) dress did all the talking. That’s what made it inappropriate and too hot for tv.