Fashion Forward or Fcking Offensive: A Slave Ship Mini

Ok, so, ultimately, my goal in this life is to have my line of home décor in your bedrooms, offices, kitchens and homes. You may (or may not know) that I design and test-market items on a website that owns the products and fabrics yet, the artist (me and their users) own the designs we design them on and sell.

Although I fancy myself to be a bit creative at home décor, posterboard, clay, canvas, and beyond-somebody else out there got me beat (or got themselves an iron-clad fail-safe marketing ploy).

I rest my charcoal pencil and acrylics.

Say hello to this “designer’s” newest digs in fashion-forward ladies wear:

A Slaveship mini.

That’s right.

For a cool $35 you can be the proud (or pissed off) owner of this historical, 1788 Brooke’s Middle Passage Slave Shit Ship Skirt that Redbubble and its designer have the nerve to sell to adorn curves-commemorating 400 years of a people that, themselves got [what the skreets call] ‘curved.’Interior of a Slave Ship.

Fashion-forward of fcking offensive?

You be the judge:

Twitter users were disgusted by the design of the skirt on RedBubbleImage result for slave ship skirth/t:  The Sun

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