For my write up on Dr. Dre’s good news today-in spirit of my literal dig and having found his old love letter from back when he was a young man-enjoy a Friday an excerpt/read from book one, the prequel of my “Angie Situation” series where in the excerpt, my character “Santana” writes my main character a quite a few of his own.

The look back on Dre’s letter, like you’ll find the characters in my book (for men especially-who have now matured)…will certainly be something you can relate to and have a sweet laugh reminiscing on: Having those same young guy feelings and plans for that one girl that we all (in our young “think we know it all stage” of life) thought would be never-ending.

No doubt we know where Dre is now, but after reading Dre’s letter, we [and I’m sure he can] laugh and ask (or know): “Where is ‘ Nicole ‘ now and what is she doing?”


At any rate.

Where is are the characters: “Santana” and “Angie” now, and what is she or he doing now?

Enjoy the excerpt and get the book!