Exactly Why We’re In Stitches About DOLCE & GABANA’s Hijab Collection & JADEN SMITH Adorned in LOUIS VUITTON’s Womens Wear

Not to be outdone by Louis Vuitton’s new womenswear campaign being modeled by women—and Jaden Smith (blowing skirt tails and mind’s), Dolce and Gabana’s launched its Spring/Summer ’16 collection of the designer’s first hijab line.

Both (Vuitton and D&G) campaigns are perfectly planned advertising and marketing tactics as, each campaign’s pieces are certainly the subject of conversation pieces this week.

Firstly, since I’m not paid to ‘embroiderize’ and lace both designer’s sale specs’ where and when’s; it is best I stick to the stills anyways as, it’s just that that’s ruffling feathers the world wide web over. Right now, no one’s really caring when and where, but rather: Why (the Muslim hijab), and who + why (a male –Jaden Smith) is wearing female digs.



Without beating the bobbin of the etched and stitched subject over the years about the Smith kids (Willow and Jaden Smith-the children of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) having been put on display for having questionably free spirit access granted by their parents; it’s no wonder that the moment Jaden got placed in a designer campaign modeling womens wear, slips the world over were going to be hanging with tongues wagging.


Thanks to the world of social media bringing our worlds closer than ever before, with recent events of religious wars and ideologies being brought to our front doors, our prejudices (and fears) slap us like a mirror to our faces at the sight of seeing a woman wearing hijab on a plane. The sudden explosion (and highly marketed) push on transgender acceptance brings out our prejudices (and fears) like never heard tell (and tale) of.

That being the case and considering “fashion” being a theme depicting the meticulous placed material worn at certain places and during certain times, it’s (literally) no wonder we would soon see androgyny (and even religious wear) being strategically placed in ready to wear.

As a blogger, writer, intuitivist, and quiet, keen, digital/social behavior observationist; the human being and sensible person in me is desensitized me from the obvious sensationalism and see it for exactly what it is: good marketing and fashion doing what fashion does-conducive to the time and life and styles we are familiar with during this very moment in time.

Aside from that, the rest is on us-fashion has done its part.

The other part (that’s on us) is to come to terms with the fact that when it coWillow on Jadens admes to religion, sex, and politics (and all subcategories beneath each), all god/godly/ and “positivities” are tested and force you to put your heart, patience and understanding of your fellow man where your mouth is as, religion, sex, and politics are the three main areas that (once uncovered) that can divide towns, people and nations and turn pleasant conversations to wars in two seconds flat.

urlConsidering the fact that Jaden (and Willow) have already taken pictures having exchanged gender threads for mere selfies themselves-alone; it was no wonder that when fashion got a look at Jaden’s shoulders and collar bone in that off the shoulder shirt, and his legs at Coachella in that ruffled skirt-they were eventually gonna come running.

You have to admit, (regardless your prejudices and fears) he looked like “art. Fashion is art. So fashion did what it does: Dressed Jaden up in its love.

The question is, be it a hijab’s being filtered into fashion or Jaden in a skirt, the real question (outside of that) is: Do YOU love your fellow man outside of what he/she wears and are able to accept/see them as human beings beyond your personal feelings hidden behind buffers of politics, sex, and religion?

Because essentially, all Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabana are doing here is doing what they do in preparation for catwalks, but leaving us merely cat fighting.

Often times, it’s not the actual ‘subject’ that’s the problem, it’s our inability to be objective about the subject  as it is (or is not) relative to us, personally.

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