The Dream Is Free (The Hustle Is Sold Separately) Millennials ISO #MillennialMoney: What You Need To Know About Blogging (For Serious Business) To Avoid The Daily, Redundant Trivial Pursuit


Bloggers. Aspiring Bloggers. Former Bloggers. Online publishers, site owners and brands…

I beg your pardon.

If you’ve come through this link already (before I changed it, on June 19, to what you are reading now) and have read the first 5 pages of information, scenarios and tips on blogging and getting started-you were lucky!

I say that because as I was revamping the content to categorize it (for aspiring bloggers + established bloggers and other online business brands), I discovered quite a few things as I was writing and rewriting it: The information is much too useful–to just give away (unless you’re on my team / work for, or with me) as, this is information that I too (having kicked open the blogging game doors myself in just 2 years myself), used to spiked me up and put ME out there!

Digital-Social-Media-MarketingThat being the case, it’s definitely going to work well for you, (and at best) possibly make you my ‘competitor.’
If  you fancy yourself a blogging vet/been blogging for a number of years (and can look through countless blog vets’ sites and can tell in one page pull that THEY don’t even know) this information will definitely power you up and give you a second life in the blogging game-providing you with new, well-kept secret info about analytics/tools for a better strategical impact (and all sorts of tweeks I do while I whistle and ‘twerk’ while I work).

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]There is a reason why I’ve excelled in getting myself out there, you here, and up there — without having to spend a lot of time consistently doing a lot of things across social media others HAVE to do in order to stay visible and “relevant.”[/clickandtweet] So if you do, do that, imagine what YOU could do with this additional information…”

All that all being the case, I absolutely, positively, am going to have to design courses centered around all this VALUABLE information I have put together (information that I almost rewrote this section for and gave away for free—to people/bloggers who hate that I’m in the game, up to and including people people who charge you for information—they are waiting on this information too-and if you follow my blog posts, you KNOW I’ve given away and continue to-each blog post-give lots of tips, resources free of charge).

rivalryThat being the case, I decided on something:  [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Love me (secretly) or hate me (aloud and subliminally), we’re all going to have to be in this love together[/clickandtweet].

That’s right…

I am currently breaking the courses down and will put them here for you too choose which one/s work best for what you need specifically or better yet: The entire course package.

As with content being king: I don’t care what kinds of rituals and daily habits you acquire for executing on a daily basis, where the business end of your blog or online business is concerned, if you don’t know the twists, turns and tweeks necessary to put you on the frontlines of the worldwide web -you are wasting your time! You are wasting your time throwing the word around calling yourself a “brand,” and wasting time having and paying for a blog or online business (or “brand”). I don’t care HOW many followers, RT’s, Facebook friends and Instagram followers you have-in the NECESSARY ONLINE BUSINESS SCHEME OF THINGS: None of that even matters. None of it…digital-pitchforks-social-media-complaints

There are two different animals to the Internet that every single “vet” blogger (5+ years) still doesn’t understand: [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Social media and the world wide web are two totally different horses of another color that play baseball with hockey rules[/clickandtweet]. One promotes the growth of its business on Internet social media while the other puts you on the front lines of business for the world wide (on the “worldwideweb”). [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]It’s like the difference between the confined world of Facebook vs. the no ceilings of IG and Twitter[/clickandtweet].

Keep running around here thinking the only systems that make your “brand” a brand is on soul-ly solely social media [and that] social media engagement is the only thing if you want to…you’ll be in for the same rude awakening [you secretly feel every time you go to sleep at night and wake up beginning the same monotonous routines and rituals you’re doing trying to impress a whole timeline of people that, statistically by in largest numbers than your total count]…aren’t paying attention anyway.

Imagine if you knew MY secrets of HOW TO USE THE WORKINGS BEHIND SOCIAL MEDIA to your online site’s brand’s advantage x the (www.) worldwideweb’s well kept secrets + your social media routine and rituals…(not just ONLY )…

glitter-gold-starTo have so much faith in social media followers and RT counts etc. yet, don’t know the resources from which to pick to plug in to output power (that highlights/ALL STORY SOURCES IN ALL GENRES THAT RANK HIGHEST VIA ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS…THAT TOO, IS RINGING ALARMS ON THE WORLDWIDE WEB) is completely naive and shows you know zero about the necessary business behind your “brand” or business and that’s just…something I don’t even have a word for. It’s like an arrogant-ignorance.

You ever watched somebody with a confident form of arrogance yet, knew nothing about what they were talking about—like a man fresh out of jail with jailhouse knowledge and trying to kick some science to you? 


…It’s like that yet, you won’t see yourself in that until you get this information…

glitter-gold-starThe monotony and daily goings on of our logging on to social media (and especially if we are racking up co signers for the the literal ‘little’-seemingly big, things we do), it (social media) can fool us into thing we are really being “productive.”

Mark Twain

For your online brand / business: Social media is only as useful to you as you know how to use + get use of it–by way of knowing HOW YOUR AUDIENCE IS USING IT!   

Truth be told, I was

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