ERYKAH BADU Barely Collects $4.00 On a Times Square Street Experiment


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When Erykah Badu sang: “I was born under water with three dollars and six dimes. Yeah you may laugh, but you did not do your math,” although that was the “deep” way of saying “I was baptized (whether religiously or symbolically ‘baptized,’) once I come from under water, change happened—“a [complete] 360.”

Well, the Window Seat singer probably never entertained the thought that she [“Erykah Badu”] would make under $4.00 performing for passersby in Times Square for street change, riffing and singing: “I need some money” –said the singer who, as well, hasn’t made an album in over two years [the Didn’t Cha Know singer says].

Curious about New York/middle America’s willingness to drop a few pennies down into her ten-gallon hat (where with on-less the glasses she eventually puts on as a disguise) she was immediately recognized. However, when she removed the hat to use it as her bucket (for tips in exchange for carrying a note or too), Badu goes on to explain that “with just a little talent,” and tenacity, you can make money.

Erykah_Badu_Surprises_Reporter_on_the_Street_Live_on_AirThis isn’t the Other Side of the Game singer’s first time doing such a thing.

Unsure if these street diaries will be going on and on, but the Bag Lady songbird makes a point, (and makes some money).

So after 4 and a half 1/2 minutes, the return was approximately $3.60.

Yeah, you may laugh…but I will do the math:


She made $3.60 (in…lets it round up): 5 minutes.

There are 12 “5 minutes’ ” in an hour.





x   12


$43.12 per hour.

If one does this 8 hours a day, they could make $344.96 per day.

$344.96 per day for 5 days per week is $1724.80—per week.

$1724.80 per week for 4 weeks (which is one month) equals: $6899.20 per month.

Yeah, you may laugh…’cause you did not do your math.

Check out the footage for yourself:


And well, if making money that way wasn’t inspiration enough, you just gon’ have to:

“Call Tyrone”


“Touch a four leaf clover

Maybe we’ll get over

Try and LUCK might come your way”

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