EMINEM EXTENDS OFFER TO BEIBER: “Clean Up Your Act & We Can Put it on Wax!”

emnike  Although later into his career through now and here lately; over the past few years, we never hear much from rapper: Marshall Mathers (“Eminem”) unless he’s spitting fire (on wax). We all know that early into his career he was never one to hold his sputum, and pretty much always had an opinion or reaction about everybody in pop culture (and especially the Pop Tarts of it).

eminglasses  Well, if you believe in the saying that goes: “Once your work begins to speak for itself, you don’t have to talk as much,” look to Eminem as the poster child for one such case. If you’ve followed his career, his fire he spit at the many in pop culture was at first running neck and neck with the fire he spit on wax. His talent was so undeniable that you couldn’t say that his outspokenness was the result of his actions being louder than his words.

embooth But then all of a sudden, you noticed that the Eight Mile rapper and rhyming spitfire slowly turned down like the control buttons of a recording engineer’s sound knob-and the only time you heard from Eminem was on a few major hitter’s rap collabos and too, with Pop Tart: Rihanna. em_rihanna

Well, seems that the talented rapper and co-collaborator of “Monsters” (a duet recently released with his sometime Pop Tart collaborator Rihanna), is deeply concerned about the monsters that Pop Tart Justin Bieber appears to be dealing with, surrounded by, and living with.

JustinAt BeginningofSuccess2  JustinAt MiddleSuccess JustinAt MiddleSuccess2 justinbuggAs you know, 19-year old Bieber started out as a squeaky-clean one “Boy-Band” boy who over the years after puberty rebelliously began to break out of his industry-designed shell and began making the news for things well over screaming girls and trademark hairstyles. Before we knew it, that screechy voiced boy’s voice began to change and he was all over the news buff, tough and ready: complete with accusation of drug use, smoking marijuana in public, being a loud and disruptive neighbor and this year: visiting brothel over in Brazil.

z Just recently, this past weekend, an ambulance was dispatched to Justin’s Calabasas mansion after a girl was found passed out following yet, another wild party.

emmarijuana eminEminem knows all too well the perils that come with a life of success, money, and fame-as he has dealt with his own monsters with the same-up to and including addiction to prescription medication. With that being the case, Eminem feels that he could be of assistance to Justin and is offering his mentorship and friendship to Beiber to take advantage of if ever he wishes to (according to Em’s previous manager who relayed the message to Scooter Braun-who looks after Justin).

With countless media reports having hit the news regarding (what many are labeling) Justin’s outlandish, dangerous, and self-destructive; several other celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Adam Levine and Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks’ wife (Rita Wilson) too, have reached out to Beiber to offer mentorship.

In addition to the likes of those influences, it has been reported that Mark Wahlberg (who is to be working on a movie with Beiber) is too, willing to offer his mentorship well past their upcoming working relationship.

eminprayerhands After hearing that Beiber is “a ticking time bomb,” Eminem is suggesting, hoping, offering Justin the chance to spend the end year and into the new year as a kind of detox and down time away from all that he seems to be caught up into. And if the extension and offer is accepted, it has been said that Em would be willing to collaborate with Beiber who according to sources; is welcome to spend this down time and regrouping at the rapper’s Detroit Michigan home.

emundies  According to a Beiber source, working with the talented rapper would actually be a dream come true for him, so let’s hope Justin Beiber can rid himself of the monsters within him and around him, and he will take Eminem up on this offer.

We at Other Side of the Fame will DEFINITELY keep you posted on [what will be] yet, another monumental Marshall Mathers collaboration!

Eye Spied: Daily Mail Reporter/MailOnline.com

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