ELLEN DEGENERES Won’t Be Ignored: Releases Reel of Her Role As “Anastasia” in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY


Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-5-Elevator-SoloOften times in Hollywood, actors score parts in movies that never see the light or big screen past the shininess of the floors in the cutting room.

Well Ellen DeGeneres has her own platform. And when this sort of thing happens to her, she can show the world without about incident.

50-shadesWe now know from whence all the rumors were derived (about knowledge of the Fifty Shades of Grey book’s premise and visual chemistry in the trailers being as sexy as it gets).

Watch, as you’ll see Ellen as “Anastasia”gives “Christian Grey” her best shot-especially as he asserts:Ellen as Anastasia

“I’m not the man for you,” then she replies “Oh you’ve heard the rumors?”

…(and continues with the showbiz standard default denial):

“Don’t believe everything you hear.”

From there in an attempt of ‘sexy,’ she then goes on to make every sexy gesture short of a cat growl and nail clawing which at least gets her to Grey’s “Red Room of Pain” where you’ll really see Ellen’s “sexiest.”

Ellen describes the movie as her “best work yet.”

50-shades-of-grey-GIFCheck it out atop the OSF big screen!

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