ELIZABETH MOSS Flips Bird At 160 Countries for GIULIANA RANCIC of E! NEWS

Although there were some award moments and memorable moments at 2014’s Golden Globe Awards, there were also some funny moments.

elisabeth-moss-600Mad Men actress, Elizabeth Moss (nominated for Best Actress in a miniseries or tv movie for her performance in Top of The Lake) showed the world her cantankerous side last night while on the red carpet with Giuliana Rancic of E!

In case you didn’t know, on the red carpet (over the more recent years) a webcam is set up for red carpet walkers to stop by and show off their lavish manicures.

*snaps fingers*

SIDENOTE: I envy this part, as, I went to school for, and used to do nails for a living (before this dreaded cam and all this nail fashion became this popular!). If I could roll back ten years, I could see my young, inspired, ambitious self moving to California to rack up industry clientele-hopeful that I could snag a happy client eagerly to show off my “perfect” mani pedi’s, hand drawn nail designs, crooked nail designs, airbrush designs and “junk nails” designs-where I last left off). They’re doing it all now.

Having said all that, I love this part of the red carpet. Whodathunk it would become a feature [on the red carpet]?

*scratch nail to board sound*

At any rate.

Elizabeth Moss, 31, brought a little more with her nail for the nail cam. She brought out—the bird…

Moss began talking to Rancic after discussing her red carpet fashion she proceeded to show off her manicure on [the so called]: “Manicam.”

She expressed: “I did this last time. There’s something I wanted to do last time but I’m not gonna do it.”

Rancic urged: “Do it, this is E! Do it! We’re in 160 countries.”

She did it.

“Did what!?” you ask.

That bird she brought to the Manicam…she flipped it—for all the world and to see…all 160 countries.

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She did! If I’m lying, I’m flying… (click here)





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