{Real World} EGO TAG: Woman Sues Jersey State After Being Rejected for Atheism Plates

All laws (and pretty much anything) are mere formalities that look good on paper until they are tested [or there comes a point in time where you have to show and prove].

Looks like those old law books collecting all that dust upon the shelves of many-a-counsel and judges are about to get dusted off and examined in the state of New Jersey.

That fine line of the laws of Church and State have run over into the lanes of personal and business and are now about to go head to head in the court of law there.

Well…then again, this one’ll probably be a little complicated seeing as though it involves atheism which means there will probably be this great philosophical court debate as to whether or not atheism can be considered “church” [against this fight against the state] and…

*deep sighs*

*throws hands*

Oh well, here’s the G’s:

Last Thursday, a Newark New Jersey woman, Shannon Morgan, filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission because they rejected her application for license plates that [were to] read: “8THEIST.”

Morgan claimed that rejecting her plates was a violation of her First Amendment rights. From the looks of things, she’s coming to fight this case with proof that her [First Amendment] rights were violated-because she knows for a fact that there are indeed license plates belonging to some random Jerseyian proudly driving around with plates that read: “BAPTIST.” (I’m assuming that is where the inspiration behind her wanting to get “8THEISM” as ego tags comes from).

At any rate, this isn’t the first time the state of New Jersey has been to this road-e-o.

After a brief legal stint with a national atheist group’s president requesting license plates [with the same ego tag], it was settled after the plate had the number “1” in place of the letter “I” [in atheist]. So that means Shannon Morgan’s plates are most probably going to have to look something like:

  • 8TH31ST
  • 8THE1ST   or
  • 8TH3EIST, huh?

Oh God, this oughta be interesting.

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