Egg White Lovers Unite! (Let’s Separate)

It’s like I say: Egg whites should be “all you can eat” we love’em that much right?

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For other egg white lovers like me, dividing the yolk from the egg can get so messy that we’d rather do away with it all-and instead; often times find ourselves at the grocery store buying a box of someone else’s concoction [of what they say “egg whites” is].


Another thing that I do is (with spinach) fry my egg in a lil’ butter until the yolk is firm enough to poke out, then I place my eggs on my plate (poke the yolks out) and have my egg whites and spinach with sliced tomatoes and doused with pepper and viola! I’m in heaven.

Well besides frying the egg (then poking the yolk out), there’s also an interesting way to separate the yolk (mess-free and without doing it with your hands!).

Check it out:

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