EDDIE MURPHY Drops New Single “Oh Jah Jah” Today



MurphyActor-comedian Eddie Murphy is doing more than being seen in L.A at coffee shops with his girlfriend Paigepulling Axel Foley’s on strange dudes pulling up a bit to close to his bumpers these days.

As well, as much as we are waiting with baited breath on the newest installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise-we’re not getting it until it is perfected to the extent that no on can crap on it by comparison to it-then and it-now.

One things for certain and two for sure, Murphy hasn’t aged a bit, so, he’s got Axel’s looks and physique on the mark, set, and ready.

But right now, Murphy is doing another one of his loves: music.

*In my Dave Chappelle voice*

No, don’t go looking for no “Rick James sh|t* from the 80s! (which, by the way, was an awesome song for that moment in time).


 But Murphy (who as well-does not want you pigeon-holing him into any particular genre of music) is feeling in touch with the social climate of today, so what he went into the studio to create just so happened to come out “reggae.”

Today, he dropped his single Oh Jah Jah [and I wished to the Godsssss I could’ve introduced the track without telling you that it’s Murphy] until the end-you would never know!

When I first heard it on the radio this morning, before it came on…as I was listening to his interview, I crossed my fingers.

By the time I started listening: I crossed my legs, then I sat back and was vibing!

I was blown away!

Eddie is fam… I love Eddie. But I have to be honest—I was scared to listen (and didn’t even know he put out another hot reggae song with Snoopuntil this song-today).

But as it turns out, Eddie-musically, has the ability to DO (musically) what he does in all Klump characters he plays! I wouldn’t have ever guessed this song was him if I wasn’t told beforehand.

Let me hush for now and let you listen…then I will hand you over to Rolling Stone where they did an awesome Q & A with Murphy-something that his biggest fans, like myself, will surely enjoy.