DWAYNE WADE & GABRIELLE UNION’S Union: Speak Now & Forever Hold Your P………ics

Gabrielles_RingThe union of our favorite struggle couple has finally made it through the struggle, through the limits and to the…altar.













On August 30, 2014 (in Miami, Florida) basketball star Dwayne Wade and his fiancé, actress Gabriel Union, will be joined in holy matrimony—obviously, with a few rules so as to not have their union disrupted:

  • Male guests are to wear formal attire (all black)
  • Female guest are to wear formal attire (all white)
  • All will arrive thirty minutes prior to the scheduled time they will exchange nuptials, and will be bussed to an undisclosed location
  • No cell phones are allowed in, and all guests will be subject to a security clearance so as to make sure everything is everything [abovementioned]
  • Oh…and bring I.D

Got that?

…and got this?







Then you’re in!








imagesCongratulations to the Wades on their union!

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