DRAKE’s #1 Stan : NYU Student Makes Video About Killing Rapper For Blemishing His Consistent Perfection After COACHELLA Set


Drake fan much?

Move Over “Stan.”

Meet Drake’s #1 Stan Fan: Chris Cole


Eminem’s “Stan” can have several seats now…Chris Cole’s got creepy on lock-creatively so.

The NYU student created a video about murdering rapper Drake.
That’s right-murdering Drake (well, kind of eluding to the fact that it had to be done) well…because Drake’s been so perfect that one blemish to his perfection is like…a stain on his perfection…and with that having happened [at Coachella last month]–there was only one way to remove the stain from the rapper’s unblemished record…

Titled after the rapper’s latest album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the four minute digital short takes a ride down celebritydrom to the literal extreme.

Cole plays a fan obsessed with the rapper to the extent that he loathes at the mere thought of the rapper failing. So in the film, after less than stellar reviews of the rapper’s Coachella set a few weeks ago, Cole’s character in the film decided that only way he could honor Drake’s legacy is by….uh…lining him up with the other rap greats: Biggie and Tupac.



Well. The good news is-it’s obviously satire but…who’da thunk of a creepy-creative piece like such?

It’s borderline genius meets crazy.

I mean..I look at it like this: If one does feel this intense about the rapper’s consistent perfection, I’m guessing…you’d better play if off with satire.
Check it out:

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