DRAKE Double-Dutied & Dominated SNL While Zamata Held Her Own, Definitely

drake_snl_  If you were any living body last night, January 18, 2014, you know that rapper Drake, who served double-duty on the popular NBC television sketch comedy SNL, was indeed the boss: without a doubt.

a9253db4039c208751f1e39bad02c813_4f1df2931c7eedf117cd976fa415c082    Although all eyes were going to be on the rapper whose first time on SNL doing both: hosting + musical guest, everyone had their sights set on comediane Sasheer Zamata, who made her SNL debut as the first black woman in over six years to join the cast-on permanent duty: indefinitely.

a9ae96390303ada95495625452af478d_cfead614b40d50892d1cb928e173e472  That, in addition to last night being the first show of the New Year and season; a lot of “firsts” happened: for sure.

Drake_as_Lil_Wayne_onSNL01182014 Well let’s not belabor the obvious: No one expected Drake to dominate the show as such. And although he did, Zamata was no subordinate; she held her own however, Drake lead the way: definitely.

Drake_BARMITZVAH_onSNL01182014  The self proclaimed Light-Skinned Keith Sweat (ordained and blessed by Yeezus as “Rap God,”) definitely showed the world his bless-ed talents beyond both the vulnerability and bravado in his rap lyrics and persona; but too (last night); quintessential versatility that obviously took him right back home from the bottom where it started: acting.

drake_snl  Before he was the rapper: Drake, most people know him as [Wheelchair] Jimmy from the popular television show: Degrassi. And although his performance last night showed he definitely made a return to his roots and blossomed on the late night sketch comedy (with the believability of each and every character he portrayed); he took it another level as, the difference between improvisation/sketch comedy versus acting is like the difference between writing rhymes versus a ballad: Same difference (in that it is songwriting nonetheless) but each requires a certain skill set. And because of his proving he has both skill sets last night, the rapper certainly upped the ante of his entire ambiance go forward.

Drake_as_ALEXRODRIGUEZ_onSNL01182014  His dominance of the show could not go unnoticed and although Zamata’s debut was overshadowed, the fact still remains: she held her own and too, was a good fit for physical/sketch comedy. Seeing as though Drakes double-duty certainly earned him time and a half; Zamata’s new permanent job certainly affords her the time-going forward, it her time now—after Drake set the stage and lead the way.

Drake_as_Kat Williams_onSNL01182014 In case you missed it, take a look at some of the skits to see what all the buzz is about and why last nights show of many firsts; superceded all our expectations:  










Drake Performing  “Hold On We’re Going Home” & “From Time” w/Jhene Aiko (snippet)


Drake Performing  “Started from the Bottom” & “Trophies”


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