“I wrote this book for those like me, who are very interested in delving into different perspectives concerning just what our “purpose” in life is-by way of the theory of time and space synchronicity, and understanding our “firstness:” the innate “us” outside of our learned actions and reactions to external forces.

As a student of the arts & sciences and interdisciplinary studies (psychology and philosophy), I straddled the fence in a lot of areas in my study of psychology because my rational/analytical/philosophical frame of mind wrestled constantly with my logical/scientific/psychological frame of mind.

My intuitive mind wrapped around both. So while studying both sciences (psychology and philosophy), I became interested in the Jungian (Carl Jung) philosophy and theory of synchronicity as something that was more in line with my personal

philosophy on some of the innate psychology of people, versus their labels/categories/diagnosis as taught in psychology.

A lot of psychology was just not fair to me, because people (human beings) are not robots. People are not just their past, their subconscious, head experiments and placebos. Although some things are what they really are, the human mind is far too complex and individual to be labeled something that a person has to live with for the rest of their life. Some of these labels, categories and diagnosis’ could easily change, or perhaps could be (temporarily) circumstantial.

People also have a heart, flesh, bones, tears, blood, sweat, dreams, a soul, a soul experience and a spirit. All which was introduced to this universe at certain time, month, day and year that is all their own-and to me, that is their “label.” To me, that is magical and it matters (also).

As an intuitive (and equally logical) rational/philosophic/analytical/discerning person and student of the logical science of psychology, I refused to let it discount my belief in intuitive science and synchronicity simply because I was told to believe that it was a pseudo science, and that psychology was the only way to assess a person’s person-throwing out the window, the fact that people are souls and spirits too- not just living, breathing and walking creatures of science.

To claim mental sovereignty over a person and their mind is very charlatan. That didn’t sit to well with me because a human being is the makeup of a mind and body, but also a spirit, and a soul with real emotions. I consider everything about a person’s person (mind, body, and spirit) not only “mind” (as does the study of psychology).

Carl Jung has a quote that says: “Whatever is born or done at any particular time has the quality of that moment in time.” I too, subscribe to that philosophy (although my philosophic mind can debate could question: “what ‘moment’ in time and what does that really mean?”). Every study and science has a right to question, argue or debate. But to completely disregard a possibility or something other people may subscribe to is not only ignorant-but arrogant as well. You don’t have to agree with it. But because others may subscribe to it (whatever “it” may be), that gives “it” has life. So don’t completely disregard it, even if you do not consider it.

My belief is that everything has its time and season-so do we (human beings).My personal subscription in things having their own time and season is the sole reason I believe there is some correlation of our birth placement’s time, month, day and year.

Our season-our time, too, has reason and meaning. It’s no different than certain fruits and vegetables having their time and season. No different than the seasons having their time and season, as well. We are all in this nature together: you, me, plants, produce, the seasons, and animals. We are all complex-simple.

This book is dedicated to those who understand that [and for those who finally would like to have a better understanding of how because we are born at a specific date and time] and called a specific sign, exactly how is that sign is supposed to work for us in our lives, versus just being told that is what our astrological person was like.

This book is dedicated to those who subscribe to or consider astrology, but want more than to be bombarded with the same list of personality characteristics that we hear about as being associated with our signs.

In this book, I am dedicated to going beyond the trite and typical-to show you how by way of the methodology I developed (which I will show you step by step); I discovered my very own “purpose” in life. Not only just my purpose, but my purpose in life-those are two different things. And I am over the moon about showing you to yours-for you to consider as well.

For years, I thought my purpose was something that just because I could do a thing, that thing was something that I should do-something that I was destined to do. But it’s just like that old spandex rule: “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Just because we can do a thing doesn’t necessarily mean it is our purpose in life.

Often times we confuse “can do” with what we believe is our purpose.

But can-do merely serves only you-your own purpose, not: your purpose in life.

You and I share this life with other people.

Purpose in life is when it not only serves you, but it serves other people who too, share this life and universe with you. When we discover what that is, we unconsciously or consciously lead, organize or communicate some gift, talent, ability or skill that inspires, enlightens, encourages, ennobles, empowers or even entertains someone else in this life to action. In turn, they too-lead, organize or communicate some talent, ability or skill that someone else will be in receipt of, thus a domino effect is created.

“Purpose” is ours. It makes us busy. It makes us useful. It’s that thing that makes us feel validated, worthy, about something. It gives us something to look forward to when we wake up in the morning, but to whom? To what? For why?

I discovered that the reason “purpose” should mean more than just something about us, is because there is a whole life outside of ourselves where other souls are in search of “purpose” too. And by way of this astrological methodology that I will uncover for you page-by-page (through to the Conclusion of this book) you will discover: to whom, for what, and for why-purpose is more than something about ourselves-for ourselves.

Purpose in life is an act of sharing. And as a result, it: inspires, enlightens, ennobles, encourages or empowers.

Let me give you a simple but very tangible example: Crocheting/ Knitting.

If someone gave you a ball of yarn and two sticks, would you first: know what to do with it? Secondly, could you make me a blanket or sweater?

Probably not, but there are people who can, and I mean-very well.

They can knit and crochet all day long; making pretty blankets and sweaters every which way and design possible. That is fine, well and good (for them). Perhaps it relaxes them. It’s merely something they could do-something that gives them “purpose.” But until that person has shared their craft with someone else in that it made them feel a way as well, or until that knitter has taught or shared with someone how to do what they do; then not only has that knitter found their purpose, but they have shared their purpose in life, too. It doesn’t have to be big and extravagant with all the bells and whistles. But because someone else is in receipt of their talent, ability and skill; perhaps it may inspire, enlighten, ennoble, encourage or empower that someone else where they otherwise-would have not known and experienced.

Do you understand that?

Well if so, then this book is dedicated to you.

I look forward to sharing how I found-not only my purpose, but my purpose in this life as well-by way of finding out how my birth placement and my astrological chart really works in my life (so says astrologers about the meaning of “astrology”). It took me years to figure out just how. So now I am sharing it with you-giving you something else to consider and think about where [as per your very own astrological sun, moon and rising chart] your own purpose in life can be discovered.




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