DIDDY Weighs in On JLO’s “Booty”


It’s been over a decade and close to a century that Diddy 44, and First Love singer JLo 45, were an item in the world of [being] fashionably coupled, creatively yoked and boo’d up.

I mean, you can do a fashion spread on their Google search, alone:

download (20)Although the demise of the Diddy and Lo dynasty occur after one night’s debacle and nightclub shooting–and from there, a subtly quiet and mysterious lid plagued and was put on their relationship where in a matter of time shortly after [the nightclub shooting], all was mum, and the power couple was ancient history.

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We reported the most recent time that the two came head to head in a bidding war for a network [where JLo was the victor], however, her former flame scored big with Revolt TV ongoing and going forward.

With happenings like such, admit it, like most, the fact that neither of their careers has suffered any major blows since being on the scene; and too, (the fact that they are both still thriving) it can make waiting on either to say anything about the other like watching a pendulum swinging back and forth.

Did and LoWell waiting no more. Diddy dished to Access Hollywood in a recent interview with Billy Bush, Diddy gushed:









“Oh my God. I’m so lucky to have that great woman in my history. She is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen.”

On his thoughts about her “Booty”?:

“I mean, it’s great. It’s a work of art. It’s something that will go down in history, for real it will.”

He quickly added

“…Also her talent…Her drive…her determination…she will never give up. She’s a great friend of mine, always will be my friend, and I mean that thing is just incredible, man.”

Boys will be boys.

Of course with the war of booty now bouncing rampant throughout the industry, Billy (a guy himself) would have been remised if he didn’t ask Diddy about comparisons of other revered bottoms.

images (16)When asking Diddy if Kim Kardashian’s big, round, object was even in the same ball park and Jennifer Lopez’s, Diddy replied:

“No way! No way! No disrespect Kanye and Kim but that thing right there… that thing right there is something special.”

LoL. LoL.


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