Diddy Drops Duckets On HOWARD U During BAD BOY Family Reunion Tour

Here’s a lil’ diddy:

In case you didn’t know, once upon a time-long before music’s Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs was runnin’ the city and became “Diddy,” he was running around in the city of Washington  D.C-iddy: dancing and dabbling in the books at Howard U.

It was while there, he landed a gig with the then popular R&B singer known as Stacy Lattisaw.

Diddy can be seen here in the video-dancing, of course.



Well, while on course and taking courses at Howard U, Diddy stayed the course for as long as fate would allow, and as well all know: the rest is history.

That time we totally assisted in getting our sponor’s jacket sold out thanks to Diddy.

Fast forward if you remember, in 2014, Diddy gave the students a commencement speech while receiving an honorary degree and ‘doctorate of humanities.’



Now this year (2016) he gave the students some g’s—$1 million g’s to be exact.

So for all the students who have run out of monies to pay for courses, they now may be eligible for assistance thanks to Diddy.

On the road currently headlining his Bad boy tour while on his stop in D.C., Diddy dropped some duckets as a special token of his love and appreciation for what he referred to as his “2nd home” that raised, rooted and reared him to become the celebrity he is today.



It seems


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