DIDDY Instagrams a Token of His Love, Adoration (or Commitment?)

When it comes to Diddy, we’re all inclined to take his big moves on the assurance that it’s hot and happening. And going forward; he’s always put his money where his mouth is when proving his staple statement, lyric, and sentiment: “thought I told you that we won’t stop.” 

   cassieand diddy_goldenglobesIt was just last month that we were all excited for Cassie, who was Diddy’s arm candy at one of Hollywood’s biggest nights in television: The Golden Globes. We were excited because she’s been long under lots of scrutiny from the fact that Diddy has never officially claimed her as his girlfriend yet, if Instagram would tell the story, the two certain are and item………………………. (sometimes).

BfWZfcYCAAAezuP Super Bowl Week/Weekend had Diddy in great spirits, so much so that the fly, fashion-forward fashion mogul endorsed “The Hat.” (In case you don’t know that story behind “The Hat”-it’s an oversized, quirky, fedora that was trying to be super producer Pharrell, but somehow, took on a life all its own and went viral).  

At any rate, that hat must’ve really been magic, because it summoned Diddy to do something unexpected that lots of people were waiting on: Him to put a ring on Cassie!

*record scratch*

Well…hold your horses and pay attention to what I said at the start of my write-up:  We’re all inclined to take his big moves on the assurance that it’s hot and happening—that is: when it comes to music and business. But when it comes to his love life, we gotta take Diddy in small steps—and keep our fingers crossed [on it being an actual engagement] but be content with the fact that a ring was given (to Cassie) via the same method Diddy does occasionally express his adoration: via Instagram.

diddy_gram   This time the post read: “Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat you Like ! I just wanna Mk you smile 🙂 #takeDat. !”

Well, although he didn’t actually “ @ ” Cassie, we all had no other option but to assume the pic of a ring along with the post was for non-other than Cassie, but with Diddy (again-when it comes to his love life-unlike his music and business; we never know).

Our blog write-ups are written by a real writer-author (slash) philosophy and journalism major, so we read [into the stories we select] like lawyers-we can’t afford to be reading into things over and beyond what is presented because that’s what we wish for it to be (although we wish for it to be) 🙂

DiddyCassie_NYC cassie_friend_and_ring  But either way each step up is a step up with Diddy, so let’s all be happy for Cassie and go at it on these pics that the ring did indeed fit the left hand, second finger. Because this is his love life and remember: Unlike his music and business endeavors, we have to take it all in small steps.

CassiesRing_Diddy  But hey BIG NICE RING yo! Congrats to Cassie-either way.

Pics Courtesy of TMZ

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