Did You Know There Were Best Times of Day to Drink Water?

If you’re on an aspirin regimen where you take an aspirin a day in place of it being credited for that thing that “apples” used to do: Keep the doctor away-then unless you watch Dr. Oz) you may take your 1 aspirin at any particular time of the day.

(For the record-he says the best time to take it is 10 p.m. at night).


It’s spiritual almost, like everything has its season.

You know those times like when you want green tomatoes and they are “out of season”—stuff like that (hence my adoration of the celestial/heavens’ consistent order and my giving credence/belief in some things having to do with it and a connection to us terrestrial beings).

Everything has its season and time (for best effect) and although we often do, or have the free will to deviate from tending to and doing things “out of season”, the effect of doing so can almost be like…eating fruit forcefully grown and cultivated “out of season”: just…ripe and tart…You get it, right?

At any rate.

Did you know there were best times to drink water?

Our bodies, minds and spirits are soooooo connected to the heavens and earth.

One of my biggest fantasies and missions in life is to consistently be in the know and be able to adhere to holistic living like such but hey I’m a piggy sometimes :/ and like most of you-I do: when I can, where I can, (when I remember)!

Try remembering this the next time reach for the H20:


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