Did The JONAS Brother Get That Mansion Rented for SUPER BOWL For That Cool 20k for a Day Price Tag?

download Time’s a tickin’ and I’m still waiting on word about who, if anyone, took Kevin Jonas up on that 20k for a day offer to rent out the Jonas Brother’s 2.2 million dollar Denville, New Jersey mansion for the Super Bowl (which is a mere 28 miles from the festivities).

download (2)     download (6) In case you didn’t know, the brothers broke up recently after their reign of success and screeching, screaming girls that at one time-couldn’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, they had enough of each other and although are still on the young Hollywood scene, are adjusting to the uncertain world-apart.

images  Just like anybody else, even with their backs against the wall; the hustle doesn’t stop.

images (4)  Since they wouldn’t be touring anymore, a couple of the brothers/former band members are looking for ways to make money.

images (1) Joe Jonas is working for Uber Taxi company but managed to land himself a new gig.

download (3)  The middle Jonas brother is a chauffer for the Uber Taxi company and is reporting his new gig is doing a secret commercial tie-in.

Huffington Post reports: “Joe is officially a driver on the Uber X platform, which is our low-cost, eco-friendly vehicle type. He went through all the onboarding, and went through the system to be verified as a driver on the platform. He’s gotten high ratings. He’s a great driver.”

download (7)  As far as Kevin having made the money off the Super Bowl mansion rental-we have yet to know. He did tell OK! Magazine of the extras involved in the 20k for the day price tag: You could drink from the wine cellar and do whatever you wanted, and he would get you anything you wanted. He said (quote): “You can send a list of whatever you want in the fridge and it will be there prior to your arrival…There’s a pretty nice bed in the master bed room!” (unquote).

Well with the Super Bowl going down in a couple hours-I don’t know if, as we speak, some lucky person(s) have taken Kevin up on his offer and is utilizing that “pretty nice bed in the master bedroom” as yet, but I must say, I admire his hustle and the boys’ humility after it all.

images (9)  A story like such is sweet to me-the humility in it-that even while trying to maintain a place in the place where you’ve grown accustomed to, you still show no shame about downgrading your lifestyle to make a living rather than scratching and scraping and scheming trying be around, and in settings where you once did (and could afford).

I had an ex who I went to college with-and our relationship (back then) was good-but too; a little volatile and tumultuous (which lead to our demise), but over the years we remained accessible. Long story short, he went pro, lived the life [and all that], but eventually got hurt in a way that forfeited his whole professional ball playing (short lived) career.

The thing that I always admired about him (that I found to be oh-so-sexy), was that he didn’t come home chasing ball playing dreams and living all stank; trying to be amongst and around the people who knew and [psuedo] loved him when he was “about that life” and finding it hard to let go. Instead, he came right home, bought a nice big home, and runs a business from his home-falling right back on the degree that he went to college for comfortably-wanting for nothing (except me) *bats lashes*

(Just joking and tooting my own horn).

But over the more recent years, at a safe distance, we’ve still been accessible and he often jokes about my continuous praise and admiration about how he got on with life as-was, yet, funny how I won’t change my mind about us being the way we were (when we were good).

My joke is always: “Well  we both know it’s not because you’re no longer a big baller now, because I wasn’t open to being with you when you went pro, so now that you’re not-and we’re a little closer; I should get twice the credit right although we’re not?

We tend laugh at that-that’s our joke that breaks the ice and typically serves as a segue.

images (7) But, back to the story and the Jonas boys. Whatever their situation is, I admire the fact that they are humbly doing what they have to do to live life. And it’s always something to be said for that outside of the mockery from the source from whence this story was derived.

images (19) Good luck to them and Other Side of the Fame wishes them all well.

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