Did Singer ADELE Meet Up With Her Muse & Prospective Collaborator BEYONCE?



Her own words: “just ’cause I said it…don’t mean that I meant it…just ’cause you heard it….” …are an understatement.

But the album that soulful-voiced pop-ternative singer Adele has been threatening to drop (for over a year now) may finally come to fruition now that her [muse and inspiration?] has come to town.

02Adele, known for keeping the focus on her album versus getting stuck with trying to name each LP-pretty much sticks with naming each one simply: whatever her age is.














Although we have albums 21, and 22 (and since no album out in four years, obviously we will be skipping about four-age albums in between), the good news is, we might be getting one really soon from the now 26 year-old singer.

You see, at the height of Adele’s success, she pulled a Lauryn Hill on us: fell back off the music scene, birthed babies and kept it movin.’

Lauryn’s situation was different in that she did a bid because of tax evasion, but she came out hitting the ground running back to the music (but on her terms and tour scheduling).

A01dele however, did a bid called: farewell [for quite some time now] only to occasionally be seen with her son Angelo: no makeup, out shopping, and blending in with the other town folks…you know… living a normal life far-far away from glitz, glamour, and being “about that life” [that everyone’s chasing that the Chasing Pavement singer can clearly do without].

I mean, who needs “fame” when (without even putting an album out for the last four years) you’re raking in £80,000 a day and too, got two companies earning having earned  £54 million through December 31, 2013—[remnants of the massive success of her album, ‘21’].

The Someone Like You singer (who has gone on record stating that she’d love to collaborate with Beyonce and too, is a huge fan of hers and loves everything she stands for in music) came out of her shell and stepped out when her prospective collaborator showed up in town.

03Adele was first spotted at Harry’s Bar and later, was seen leaving a private party for Will.i.Am where Drunk in Love couple Beyonce and Jay Z 10stayed and hung out until around 4 a.m. before waking up to what we all know what happens next: “in the kitchen saying ‘how the hell did this sh!t happen oh baby’ ”].

04Adele left a few hours earlier-around 12ish.

09Although there’s no official word as to what, if anything, Adele and Beyonce talked about; we got proof of Beyonce’s bodyguard (Julian) guarding/near Adele so hopefully, Adele was inspired after meeting her muse.

Although Etta James was Adele’s only other dream collaborator (but sadly died), Beyonce was next up to the mic.







beyI’ve been listening to her since I was about 11. I adore her. I love everything she stands for.”

She added:

I think her work as an artist and a singer is enviable, in terms of the length of her career and how she’s grown and grown.”

06Guess we’ll just have to wait to see if anything will become [of their meeting?].















1413127930500_wps_48_Beyonc_Knowles_and_Jay_Z_On another note.

Having put their mics down after a long summer tour, (and eventful year I might add)…Bey Z has been serious about their European excursion and absorbing the museum/art, and fashion culture since September—I know, right?

Perhaps the rumors are true that they may be making Europe (and new feet for socks?) their home.

I mean…they’ve bent it with the Beckhams, met prospective neighbors, met the curators of the museums—*rolls hand in a circle* all-a-dat…you know: getting themselves familiar with the townspeople, the city of Paris and the town of London while making a few friends along the way.

We’ll keep you posted!


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