Did DWAYNE WADE Adorn GABRIELLE UNION’s Finger Next To Her Pinky….Because of News of a Pickney?

blows bangs at high rate of speed with my eyes in my head and bangs fists to desk

         Gabrielle-Union-Engagement-Rings  You can’t imagine how cute I thought it was that he held her hand when showing off the engagement ring to take the pic-I’m auto attracted to small and large physical gestures and nonverbal communication just totally speaks to me. I must say-I was very happy for these two (and Dwayne’s gesture). It spoke volumes to me-that he was proud to be putting the ring on it…

Dwayne-Wade-and-Gabrielle-Union But jussssssssssssst when I put the world in chin-check about this struggle relationship of all Black Hollywood by expressing the following: ‘’The struggle relationship of all Black Hollywood that consistently sends those gums-a-bumpin’ and blogs-a-thumping, can finally have several seats //////////////// Basketball player: Dwayne Wade finally put a ring on it-the struggle relationship is now striving and thriving officially-now-Gabrielle Union will be putting her literal last into action and soon will be wearing a new last name.”


….nananbooboo, jokes on me now.

dwyane-wade-gabrielle-union-holiday-photo-shoot-OG Well, sorta…

throws hand

Just listen: 

It came upon a midnight clear this less than glorious story of old:

If you’ve been up on things, we’ve already known about Wade and Union’s on-again-off-again union for years now, with countless opinions about how it began, what was going in it, who allegedly joined in-all that. Well, according to ET / Entertainment Tonight; during one of their splits Dwayne got it cracking with someone else and low and behold: A child was conceived.

Yeah, I know you say: “Ohhhhhhhhh that’s why he put a ring on it-because he knew this bombshell was about to come out on him!”

116702-original  I know it would seem like that, because it really was a struggle getting these two half way to the alter-so news of their engagement sent Black Hollywood and the Internet a new high.

But that wasn’t quite the case [why he put a ring on it].

Stay seated… 


He put a ring on it for no other reason but the fact that he obviously wanted to, and decided to turn over a new leaf, obviously (because he told her about the baby before giving her the ring over Christmas).

116214-original Gabrielle (obviously) took it like a champion [after she checked the calendar and planner to check the time frame-you know how we ladies do it]-all checked out (obviously), and all is well (obviously).

So go back to being happy for them already.

th  A couple since 2009; Union, 41, has no children. Wade, 31, has sons boys from a previous marriage to ex-wife Siovaughn Funches and now [with someone who’s none of our business].

talk_to_the_hand sticks “talk to the hand” hand out

Hold your horses.

Shockingly (impressive, even) but we do know from our sources, that Wade didn’t go shopping on Instagram through the plethora of willing, ready and available-desperate and prepared-hopefuls ready and waiting to post text and penis proof all over the smut blogs. Uh un. He kept it in the family this time-it was (and I quote) “someone he’s known for many years” (unquote).

sticks tongue out

At any rate.

Along with Other Side of the Fame, wish the happy couple (who buried all hatchets and secrets) well-wishes……………………again.

gabrielle-union-dwayne-wade-png  Just so you know, they’re shooting for a September wedding.

We’re routing for ‘em! Good luck.

Eye Spied at Wonderwall and ETonline.com

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