DICK CHENEY Doesn’t Even Remember KANYE WEST Enough to Forgive His Remarks

030914-dick-cheney-launch-v2-3…And in piggybacking off my previous Dave Chappelle story

Speaking of Dick, ten inches, and the TMZ bombrushing.

Our TerMiteZ friends ran up on good ole boy Dick Cheney on route to his car [in a Stetson fit for a cowboy with bad aim]-asking him about the dapper 10-gallon head dig he wore and thought it’d be a good idea to ask the former republican vice president why he thought rappers haven’t caught on to the signature style [of wearing cowboys hats like such], Cheney asserted that anything he (quote) “a conservative” (unquote) would wear-he certainly didn’t think a rapper would wear-at all.

Just to refresh his memory on the notorious impromptu live-on camera incident that not only made Kanye West a household name (for sure), but too, occurred while Cheney was in-office as vice president, the guys of TMZ jogged his memory a bit (I’m guessing to see if he even knew of just one rapper, even—just one)…and that one (Kanye) certainly should have triggered his memory Rolodex.

But in true to life, no idea of life outside of republican/good ole boy style that’s sure to insult someone like Kanye; call it old age, or we can throw it in with it being about as much interest as he had in the vice presidential duties of the country anyways-but Cheney pretty much had

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