No Designers Would Dress SNL Star LESLIE JONESFor the GHOSTBUSTERS Premier, Then CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Did This

It’s like that perfect success being the sweetest revenge song that’s always on my mind or in my playlist that I’ve always kept tucked secretly and safely nearby-one that rap artist Mase sang best:

It-be the same cats that wouldn’t listen to my demo

Now I’on want their a$$ in my limo.

Cause now I’m a

Sex symbol


L.A airplay just like Jay Leno.

Now all the labels out want to send a memo.

To do a remix yall but Mase say: ‘N-O’

Figure once I make it…they’ll fake it. But aint nobody show me love when I was naked. 


…well that’s just about the situation and state comedian actress and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones found herself in when no designers would dress her for the movie’s premier. She took to her Twitter and wrote:

“It’s so funny that designers don’t want to dress me. Hmmm that will change and I remember everything,” she expressed.



Designer Christian Siriano, a winning designer from Project Runway however, stepped up to the plate by responding to the Saturday Night Live star’s tweet with a series of emoji’s letting Jones know he was listenin’ and prepared to getting to stitchin.Prince and JHud White riding hood

“I love Leslie and can’t wait to make her something fabulous to wear. I dress and support women of all ages and sizes,” Siriano told our source.

ghostbusters-cast-paul-feig-leslie jones melissa mcarthyReportedly, Siriano has dressed several actresses for the red carpet-with differing body types like Chistina Hendricks, Danielle Brooks, and Sarah Hyland.

Jones’ co star Melissa McCarthy reportedly told Redbook magazine that designers weren’t exactly thrilled or interesting in dressing her for the Oscars.

More recently, Christian dressed Jennifer Hudson in the Prince inspired white, riding hood dress she wore just this past Sunday at the BET Awards honoring Prince this past weekend.



Other Siriano’s clients include Solange Knowles and Samira Wiley of OITNB



Although Christian is getting lots of praise for electing not to reject Jones, he feels change rather than praise is in necessary, stating:

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