DEBORAH COX’s ‘Whitney Lifetime Movie Biopic’ Vocals Lands Her a Role in “THE BODYGUARD”


Looks like providing the vocals for the Lifetime “Whitney” biopic done-done Deborah dawgone good: She got herself a new gig: starring as Rachel Marrin in the national stageplay adaptation of the movie: “The Bodyguard,” which starred Whitney Houston (as Rachel Marrin) and Kevin Costner.

The original stage play adaptation starred powerhouse singer Heather Headley (London 2012).

Beginning in the fall 2016 however, Deborah does the dang-on thing.Deborah Cox 2

Good for her! She has an awesome voice that deserves to be center stage-so this is long overdue.

I used to listen to her in the 90s and say: “She is the only singer who can hit those cracked-voice dips and riffs like Whitney Houston.” (Look. I was young-that was my word for what I was hearing. So sue me).

At any rate, check out Heather’s [“Bodyguard” snippets]:



Well we don’t have Deborah’s yet, but get snug and tap in below to a couple of my favorites by her and rock with me while I’m over here belting:

“Can you loooook me in the eye…and honestly sayYyYYY you don’t love me..oh-ho. RL I knowwww!” Yes…I sings the shiznit out of that song. I’ve practiced it enough when it was out *lafs

Look. Don’t mind me. See for yourself. Enjoy:




These two ladies are some R&B powerhouses-I know, right?!

Don’t sleep on my baby Heather. I used to loveeeee this song. It’s so vivid-a that song that all girl’s can relate to at one time or another in her lifetime.



Heather’s bad!



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