How The Daniel Holtzclaw Verdict Challenged Our Typical Views on Race, Social Class, Morals and Ethics In Courts of Law


The story being talked (and laughed about) all over the world very much deserves to be heard. And seeing the man who committed the crimes crying (looking a little something like this) lolbaby1

is quite funny yet, the reason behind why is all but a laughing matter.

This ONE case unmasked and forced us all into a kind of contemplation worthy of consideration (for the victims involved) and the contempt with which we feel for the criminal involved without and beyond the reasonable doubt so help us God.


The story behind the story twists and taps into so many areas of the ab-norm and dark about what ‘rape’ is really all about: Not sex but about power, or feeling angry and powerless. In this case, it was about power-and the abuse of a position of power + somewhere in the past and deep in the crevices of one man’s mind: feelings of anger and powerlessness…somewhere…And taking it out on women (he thought) had everything to lose and could go with it: nowhere.



You see, alongside that, this case lends itself to so many issues that challenge our thinking (and provokes us rethink) beyond the scope of our racial, social class, moral, and legal boundaries that for so long, have been one way and gone one way for so long that our typical racial, social class and moral decisions have always straddled the relative fences by which we cross and identify. Yet, for the first time in history, this ONE case defied it all:

  • Racialhlozclaw victim
    • White man (Defendant)
    • All white jury (mostly men)
    • Thirteen black women (Plaintiffs)


  • Social class
    • White man: Police officer (educated)
    • Again-all white jury of mostly men (registered voters)
    • Thirteen black women: Uneducated, previous run ins with the law, former/current drug users, poor, black, with no redeemable ties to society (church/state/community) therefore-socially non valuable and (therefore) with lives not considered “credible” …against the word of a cop (in front of an all white jury of men)

       One of Holtzclaw’s actual victims (hands/pictured)

  • Moral
    • Differentiates what character is v. what caricature is
    • Caricature: That ‘person’ we wake up and put on for the world-so as to put out and be seen as ‘normal,’ ‘positive,’ ‘successful,’ ‘astute,’ ‘spiritual,’ ‘sane,’ …and the list goes on.
    • Character: Simply being who we are when no ones watching and what we’d do if we knew we could get away with it…

This is the story of ex cop Daniel Holtzclaw, 13 black women victims, and an all-white, predominately male jury that (despite the ‘white’ thing), did the right thing about the wrong thing with an outcome that worked out [being] the antithesis of the judicial verdict norm (considering cop v. social class)–where the disgustingly meticulous way the crimes and violations were committed along with a position and the position played by clergy-all backfired….




(movie clips: “Disclosure” Michael Douglas/Demi Moore / Roma Maffia)

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