Dancing The Blues: Rockstar DAVID BOWIE Dies + Drops Last CD At Age 69 After Silently Battling Cancer- IMAN, BILLY IDOL, MADONNA, & DUNCAN Speak


Just hours into one of Hollywood’s biggest award nights, the world of popular culture is putting on its red shoes and dancing the blues indeed: Popular, androgynous, Fame rock star that ruled pop music in the 80s-singer David Bowie-died at the age of 69.



Dubbed as the “master of reinvention,” known for his talk, slender physique, spiked, punk, hair, “brown and blue eye” (dark colored left eye and blue colored right eye)


…Bowie’s classic, timeless electrifying hit “Fame” was one for the books: and one that that resonated as pop culture and music’s anthem dancing in the crevices in the heads of all of celebs and a lyrical cautionary tale of those who simply wanted to be famous, crossed over to the urban music scene and simply could not be denied.



In 1996, Bowie’s collection of timeless music got him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Just at the untimely, unfortunate, moment of his Sunday January 10th 2016 death; the Lazarus star Bowie had just celebrated his 69th birthday this past Friday, January 8, 2016 where too, [he] released his last studio album “Blackstar” which immediately began rising up the iTunes charts.

His death came as quite the surprise for those fans who loved Bowie as it turns out; he was amid an 18-month battle with cancer but still managed to release his always well received timeless music.


I remember specifically, Bowie (for having released “BlackStar”) was a trending topic on Twitter this past Friday but too, throughout his entire career, remained a trendsetting and a transcendent artist.




David was married from 1970-1980 to Angela Bowie and remarried to supermodel and cosmetic designer Iman in 1992 who, just two days before David’s reported death, posted to Twitter:



You can’t think of David Bowie without “White Wedding”’s dynamic 80s rockstar spiked blonde bad-boy Billy Idol-his and close, personal friend who shared some memories and expressed his condolences for his chum:







According to a statement released by his family, Bowie died peacefully among his family and friends and asked that while many share in the loss of the rock star, privacy be respected at this moment while they grieve.

David’s son Duncan tweeted:









Even despite all our selfie vanity, David Bowie’s official Twitter avi was simply a star-quite the picture of the rockstar he just was.




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