Daddy’s Maybe: BOBBY BROWN No Clue About BOBBI KRISTINA Married, Getting Married (or Whatever)

115899-original Well typically it’s daddy that always gives a girl away (on her “special day”)-but it’s a new day and time now and the rules have changed—well, for some of us.

Our guys over at TMZ reported early this morning that either the late Whitney Houston’s proclaimed “King of R&B” and ex-hubby/father of her child: Bobbi Kristina had no idea that his baby [girl all grown up] is getting married.

They are quoted as having said: “ Bobby Brown is either totally in denial … totally in the dark, or his daughter just hates him — because he has no idea Bobbi Kristina is telling everyone she’s married.”

128952-original Looks as though TMZ caught up with our guy Bobby as he was leaving dinner last night and did that thing that TMZ is notorious for doing: Bomb-rushing celebs with cams, quirks & questions about his baby girl all grown up soon being wisped off to wedded bliss.

To their question, Brown laughed and replied: “No, she didn’t get married.”

To that, TMZ (is quoted) as reporting/having posted: “Interesting … since BK and Nick showed off their rings back in January and announced they’re hitched.”

(We blogged that story by the way-click here to read all about it).

F.Y.Entertainment, watch TMZ’s clip as the conversation continues that TMZ is quoted as having posted: “– Bobby seems less convinced he actually has a clue, saying: ‘If she says she is. I don’t know about it.’ Daddy knows last.”


Well, there’s a saying that goes: “Mama’s baby. Daddy’s ‘maybe’” …and I guess that would apply to this situation as well.

But one thing we do know for sure is that whether you want to rock with the notion [that we’re in agreement with–the late Whitney Houston’s claim that Bobby Brown is the King of R&B] we’ll just let you rock out to some of our favorite Bobby Brown video throwback from when he was…and well…that’s no “maybe.”

Sorry. But from the looks of these videos-the way he works it, he coulda’ got it!

Checkout Bobcat when you get to the 40-50 second-the way he-be workin’ it! And how he bounces in. I LOVE this sh!t!

Work’em  Bobcat!

He is STEPPIN’ in this video! Even in funny shorts-he’s gettin’it! Heyy.

Ok. *fans self*

Now THAT’S “entertainment.”

*balls fist in the air* KING OF R&B !


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