Daallo Airlines Flight D3159 Explodes Mid-Air, Sucks Passenger Out


It’s one thing to fear flying (airplanes).

It’s another thing to have been an American having experienced New York City 9/11.

But it’s another thing to be mid-air and hearing a loud explosion. Hole in the plane. Now you’re looking out closer to God in ways you never dreamed of or imagined.

Great but, now your plane is in a mid-air fight with pressure and gravity (with you and 73 other people running to the back of it after watching that gravity suck a man through that hole mid-air, sending his body into the clouds.



If there is any “good” in this (scientifically/astronomically speaking) that much gravity would kill a human being so instantly that the fear of knowing you are out there “in the clouds” won’t even be able to set in before you’re dead.


The bad thing is: This is not a movie. All this really did happen in the world… just yesterday aboard Daallo Airlines’ Airbus A321, flight D3159.



According to local authorities, the man (approximately 55 years of age)’s body was eventually found in the area.

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