Coyote Pretty: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Tips Bar Staff Handsomely

Sooooo there’s this site (well… a message board) that’s been out since like: 2001 or so where ordinary people go on and post stories (bad or good) about celebs and their chance run-ins with them.

images (9)  The original (and main) premise is how well they tip (or no) while drinking, partying or dining out. It can get pretty interesting-reading people’s stories behind these pixels-dropping dimes and handing over wooden nickels on celebs who are bad tippers.

(No, don’t ask me to post the site’s name or link to it, I’d have to charge you, or kill you—however do you want it?).

At any rate—like…really [this time]…at any: RATE, I’m looking forward to our guy Justin Timberlake getting a dime dropped on him on this site sometime soon.

No wooden nickel for Justin.

images (7)  The bar staff at Crystal Cologne Nightclub in Germany reported to the Sun Newspaper that Timberlake made paper timber down on them just the other night.

Timberlake is in Cologne, Germany, while on his European tour and was out partying with friends where after a show, he visited the nightclub via personal invitation from the club’s owner.

Obviously, since the invitation was extended to have Justin sprinkle his presence in the club, I’m sure that came with an offer to be “taken well-care of.”

download (7) Justin and friends did indeed enjoy the party and have drinks on the house but not without gratuity expressing his gratitude: Leaving a tip something to the tune of around $3920.00 as a “thanks.”

images (8)  The club’s owner, Yunus Arslan said this about the ‘20/20 Experience,’ singer: “He was in a great mood, a real gentleman.”



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