Cover Girls: KERRY WASHINGTON Stars As ANITA HILL in Upcoming HBO Movie, TINA KNOWLES Lands Cover of EBONY Mag & At 61, Having The Best Sex She’s Ever Had

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Oooooooooooh, this is all soooooooooo (say this with me Scandal fast):

Annalise (of How To Get Away With Murder) meets Olivia Pope (of Scandal) meets [a real-life] Washington/Political scandal all rolled into one?

And who better to play it than a hell of an attractive woman who already portrays a role like such, that too, is about to play another attractive woman who (rather than a “role”) in real life, was involved in a real life scandal [like the kinds you see on “Scandal”].



Well in sort of like art imitating life and life imitating politics’ life in the form of art, Kerry Washington is taking a moment to press pause on “Pope and Associates” to pop over into politics to portray Anita Hill.

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Currently an attorney and scholar (professor of social policy, law, and women’s studies at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management), Hill became a national figure and eventual staple in American history as, in 1991 she accused [of sexual harassment] her then supervisor at the U.S Department of Education (slash) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

In considering their job titles’ mantra and mission, all that sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

Well (for the record) regardless the scandal, Thomas was confirmed (and still serves) on U.S Supreme Court to date…


Directed by Rick Famuiya (who, currently has a movie due out this Friday called Dope) is too, directing “Confirmation”-this HBO movie starring Kerry.

With no official release date as yet Kerry Washington (playing Anita Hill) will be accompanied by The Wire star Wendell Pierce (as Clarence Thomas), and Avengers’ Cobie Smulders (portraying lawyer Harriet Grant).

HBO dropped us all a piece of “cover art” to enjoy:

…beautiful Kerry Washington at work covering Anita Hill just fine! Ha!




First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

Well not so fast.

Although we got the love, then the marriage part out of the way as we reported [when] Beyonce’s beautiful mom (Tina Knowles) remarried handsome actor Richard Lawson, with two grown children (Beyonce and Solange Knowles) up and out of the house and into their respective careers, that leaves plenty of time with nothing but space and opportunity for Tina Knowles-Lawson [to quote her daughter] “wake up in the kitchen saying ‘how the hell did this sh/t happen oh baby’…”

…because as the sexy 61 year-old tells Ebony Magazine (for their July 2015 #SexyForever cover) she is indeed drunk in love and is having some of the best sex of her life while opening up and embracing a wholehearted lifestyle without reservations and trepidation but instead; giving herself permission to be sexy, vibrant, fashionable, classy and sexy at the same time and “fly until the day we die!” expressed Tina.

In her own right and lane already, Beyonce’s mom is merely picking up where she left off and revamping who she is by trade, talent and through time. As you may well know, she’s a natural fashion designer and was the bobbin, needle, and thread behind the stitches of many a Destiny’s Childs costumes up to, and through the time the girls bobbed, weave and disbanded.

As well, even before the fame and fortune, Tina Knowles ran a popular salon in Houston, Texas so…being fly is merely etched into the stitches of Tina Knowles sexy anyways.

Tap in below to this video of Tina Knowles (taped about a year ago and since her divorce from Beyonce’s dad) where, at a Leadership luncheon, she discusses a little bit about herself, her background, finding love at 59, self-esteem, her failed marriage to Beyonce’s dad and her own personal history-this woman to brought the Beyonce to the world.


She certainly has a story and a new life-remarkably and well worth remarking and so thought Ebony Magazine.

Their cover girl Tina’s Knowles-Lawson’s cover hits newsstands now!




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