An invention made to benefit to women and children of Africa that I stumbled upon, may very well be helpful to the residents of Flint Michigan.


Water Rollers in Africa 2

We’ve all seen the videos of women and children in Africa carrying buckets and pails for miles to village water sources to take back home to feed, cook, nourish, and bathe their families-daily, right?


They say practice makes perfect, and after some time having to do such a thing inevitably turns to a talent or skill done, effortlessly.




As an inventor with more scientific, mechanical, and plastics solutions to fix problems than I even have money to patent and maintain patents on, I can say (and advise) that with a clear head and heart and slow steps in thought about every little thing we do throughout the day; if you are actually feeling about what you are thinking and doing; I can vouch for being consistently inspired and motivated (all day, everyday) the gift gods will always provide you with the thought and will to make ways.

I STAND by that.

That being the case, often times, ways to do things better and more efficient can come to mind for such types of open-hearted and minded people.

Water Rollers in Africa 3Like for instance, thanks to two African engineers, an invention was made to lesson the literal load of all women and children in Africa who on a regular basis, ritualistically spend 26% of their time walking miles to fetch water and are burdened with the daunting, heavy task of bring all those buckets of water back home-most of which have no lids. That can be tough! Many suffer long-term injuries as a result of this.
Well although in American we may not have heard of it as we take advantage of our free-flowing water that some parts of Africa and many countries don’t have as clean, ready, and free flowing (as us).

Well (little did we Americans know), in the mid 90s, an invention called the Hippo Water Roller was invented. It is a plastic device for transporting water easier and more efficiently.. Its barrel-shaped container holds up to 90 liters of water and has axels attached to the barrel which can roll around on the ground (for transporting all that heavy water).

The unfortunate part about the invention is that many of the families in these countries that need them cant really afford the device, but thanks to the Hippo Water Roller Project reportedly, 46,000 sponsored Hippo rollers have been distributed in approximately 20 countries-serving as a direct benefit to at least 300,000 beneficiaries with an average of 7 person per household.

Obviously, thanks to the care and share of pop icon Cher orchestrating bottles of water to the tune of a reported 181k being route to Michigan residents as we speak, I was thinking that these Hippo Rollers would

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