Complicated No More: AVRIL LAVIGNE Gets A Name For What’s Kept Her Down, Out And Away

Looking fresh and revived and making her way back onto the scene after a long hiatus off in which (if you remember us writing up about it) abruptly and almost out of nowhere-instantaneously-Avril Lavigne took to the pages of her social media site and announced she was “unwell” and would be taking a long break off because something health-related was definitely wrong with her [that not even she could answer].

The announcement took all her fans by surprise as she immediately dropped out into oblivion and made her exit into invisibility and untraceable online and anywhere out in the world-far away from the glaring lens of photogs and fans.

Well she’s back now and just like any psychologist would even tell you that thing all doctors know: All people want is a name for any ailment or condition that they are feeling.avril_lavigne__good_morning_america_in_nyc_nov_05_2013_WJt2kHeF.sized

Unfortunately the Complicated singer didn’t have a name for what she was feeling, but she did know something was definitely wrong with her.

After months of frustration and visiting doctors who too, could not give her a name for what she was feeling and going through (night sweats, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms), the pop singer began to research for herself.

That research wheeled the Skater Boi rocker right doctors who were specialists in what it was she was feeling which led her into discovering her condition was known as Lyme Disease-a far cry from advice and suggestions telling her to she probably just had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and needed to not be so worried as much.

Well that wasn’t good enough for the I’m With You pop star who finally got a name for her ailment and much adieu about what to do about it.

With plenty of rest and antibiotics helping lead the way to a full recovery of her condition, the singer can now press pause [to life] the button she pushed on her career immediately upon feeling sick but unsure just what was wrong with her.



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