Although my novel site’s slogan quote and self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts I wrote:

“Building an Empire from Goals of Mine with a Gold Mine, and No Gold Mines Brick By Brick at a Time”

…may have been the inspiration for the title of Fox Television’s hottest prime time Wednesday night drama right now (“Empire”) 🙂

…who says that somebody having already built one can be on one?Screenshot_2015-03-14-22-06-20

Entre vous Lady O who, according to Lee Daniels, may be joining the hit television show (created by Lee Daniels, 55)-whom was under the direction of in his Oscar nominated movie The Butler.empire-cast

In an chat interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels reveals “I’m wearing her down!”

Oprah, 61, added “I tell him, ‘Lee, it’s not enough that you’ve taken every viewer possible on Wednesday night.  Now you want me to leave my own network?'”

common-oprah-empireWhat a difference a few days make, eh? Although at the time he interviewed with THR, plans were no solidified, just days later, Daniels confirmed the woman at the head of the Harpo Productions empire will indeed appear on Empire.

While at the time, deal wasn’t solidified yet, Daniels had big plans for Winfrey’s inclusion, as he said just days later that the mogul will indeed appear on Empire.

On March 12, Daniels told Access Hollywood “Yes. Yeah. She’s gonna be on it.”

As well, Daniels revealed that he is also writing a role for hip hop artist Common who (along with John Legend) as you all know, just recently won an Oscar for “Glory” from the ‘Selma” soundtrack.

“Oh yeah, for sure…for absolutely sure. We’re gonna have a good time,” confirmed Daniels.

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