Comedian DAVE CHAPPELLE Excitedly Awaits with Baited Breath-the JOHNNY CARSON Sextape

images (27) You probably read my write up of the late, Late Night with Johnny Carson talk-show host reportedly having a sextape making its way into the ranks of popular culture 2.0 to startle us, entertain us, (or help us pass time).

download (25)  Well, much to comedian Dave Chappelle’s chagrin, he’s not exactly standing by his DVD waiting on it. And as much as TMZ likes to bombrush celebrities with their signature cynical, impromptu style-antithetical of the typical annoying papz; I’m thinking I can offer these guys a word of advice on what NOT to do [when rolling up on a black guy to tell him about fogie Johnny Carson’s much anticipated sextape coming out-complete with a 10-inch wanker]:

031114-dave-chappelle-launch-v2-3 (1)<—(click for video)

images (28)Dear TMZ:

Never walk up on some black dude with cameras and a mic stuck in his face talking about some old dudes’ 10-inch wanker. That could have gone terribly bad had you guys not had that camera rolling-I promise you.

There’s: “Hollywood Streets” (and then there’s: “The code of the streets”).

Decode this: Chappelle was like…totally trying to keep his composure-I promise you that.

P.S.-Don’t say I never learned’cha nothin.’

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